Can You Believe Sniffing The Olives Made The Cat Behave This Way? This Left Me In Stitches!


I have never liked olives. Be it they are in my salad, pizza or anything I’m supposed to take. This video made me enjoy a certain instant where they’re involved… watching cats sniffing them!

Whenever the cat sniffs the olive, it reacts dramatically.  This prompted me to do some research on it.

Findings have it that cats are driven crazy by a certain chemical contained in olives. The chemical has a lot of similarity to the one present in catnip! The cats are made to react strangely since it binds to their receptors. Some may end up being addicts! No wonder it’s common to see some cry whenever they smell it or even go an extra mile and steal it from plates of those eating it or leak the floor where it has fallen.

I was made to learn that when cats roll around with their backs, it’s one of the ways of showing how joyful they are. This made me to laugh, yearn for more and keep on watching!
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