Drowning Trio Saved By A Jogger. And She Dives In To Get It. Incredible


There are times when our expertise is called into action when we least expect it. This is what Rebecca was demanded from Rebecca though she did not see it coming.  She was one day jogging when she saw two babies of four and one and half years fall into a reservoir. It even got worse when their mother tried so save them from the trouble since she had no skills of doing it and ended up being a victim.

As a certified lifeguard, she immediately sprang into action and dived into the water to help them.  Fortunately she succeeded in rescuing the three and none of them was injured. One cop describes the whole scenario as destiny. According to him, he says that Rebecca was meant to be there to rescue the helpless trio.

This video gives some reason to master you area of expertise well since you never know when you skills will save those in trouble!

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